Top 10 Elements for a Dream Kitchen

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Beautiful Dream Kitchen

As a single mom, I was limited in the kind of kitchen I could have because of the price 0f home I could afford. What I got was a cute little ranch with a cute little kitchen. It works fine, but I love to cook and I love to entertain, so it certainly isn’t the kitchen of my dreams. Now that I’m an empty nester and live alone I cook even less, except for when guests come over. Entertaining is fun for me, so when I am having company I like to fuss over them and cook gourmet meals. Sometimes I dream of the kitchen that would make this task easier. My dream kitchen includes these 10 items:

  1. open shelves, kitchen shelves, kitchen remodel, kitchen remodeling

    Open Shelves

    Open shelving and lift-up doors for upper cabinets – Even though I am only 5’5, I still seem to manage to bump my head on cabinet doors when I am rushing around and leave them open. Open shelves would allow me to keep often used items within reach and the lift up doors will stay out of the way when I need to get at those less-used tools or ingredients.

  2. kitchen drawer, kitchen remodel, kitchen remodeling

    Cabinet Storage Drawers

    Full-extension drawers on bottom – So much ends up lurking in the back of lower cabinets, it seems like a kitchen Bermuda Triangle of sorts. Full extension drawers will allow easy access to everything in those lower cabinets, without having to get down on my hands and knees to find anything.

  3. double oven, kitchen remodel, kitchen remodeling, double ovens

    Double Ovens

    Double Ovens – I would love to have two ovens. So many times I need to cook different foods at different temperatures; like when I need to slow roast a piece of meat and need to bake a casserole at the same time.  My baking and roasting options would certainly increase with the extra oven.

  4. Warming Drawers, wolf-warming-drawers, kitchen remodel, kitchen remodeling

    Warming Drawers

    Warming drawers – Another great addition for entertaining. At breakfast you can make pancakes for a crowd and have everyone eat at the same time.At lunch and dinner you can easily serve an entire meal at the perfect temperature even when they all have different cooking times.

  5. farmhouse sink, kitchen sink, kitchen remodel, kitchen remodeling

    Farmhouse Sink

    Farmhouse sink with one or two smaller sinks – My little kitchen has a stainless steel double sink, but I look longingly at the big farmhouse sinks I see in shelter magazines and home improvement stores. I fantasize about being able to fit my largest pots and pans inside. I’d add a smaller sink or two for those who want to pitch in and help with the kitchen labor.

  6. double dishwashers, two dishwashers, kitchen remodel, kitchen remodeling

    Double Dishwashers

    Two dishwashers – I like to keep the kitchen as clean as possible when I am cooking, so my dream kitchen would have two dishwashers. This way I can have one dishwasher running and still have someplace to put dirty dishes while the other is busy with the wash cycle. That is the picture of efficiency, and I love efficiency!

  7. water purifier, wehole house water purifier, kitchen remodel, kitchen remodeling

    Whole House Water Purifier

    Purified water – Bottled water is so expensive and heavy to lug around. Additionally, all those bottles are bad for the environment. For that reason, my dream house would have a whole-house water purifier so I can avoid having to deal with bottled water completely.

  8. pot-filler, faucet, water source, kitchen remodel, kitchen remodeling

    Pot-filler Faucet

    Pot-filler faucet – Whenever I fill a large pot with water I inevitably spill water on the floor as I’m moving the pot from the sink to the stove. My dream kitchen would have a pot-filler faucet by the stove so I can save my back from having to carry the heavy pot to the stove and keep my floors a lot drier.

  9. island, kitchen island, bar stools, kitchen stools, kitchen remodel, kitchen remodeling

    Large Kitchen Island with Stools

    Large island with lots of bar stools – No matter how big or small your home is, inevitably all the guests end up in the kitchen. With a large island and lots of bar stools I can have my guests along with me in the kitchen but be able to keep them from getting underfoot while I’m preparing their meal.

  10. refrigerator, freezer, oversized appliance, kitchen remodel, kitchen remodeling

    Large Refrigerator and Freezer

    Super large refrigerator and freezer – One of the challenges I find in entertaining is finding enough room in my refrigerator and freezer for all of the ingredients and prepared foods that I serve my guests. My dream kitchen would have the largest refrigerator and freezer I could find to make this easier.

My friends love coming over for parties now, and I could only imagine how much better it would be if I had my dream kitchen. What would you put in yours? Leave a comment and let me know!


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